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In late 2010, a group of like minded film enthusiasts had an informal get together to discuss the possibility of putting together a Frome Film Club and to show the sort of films we were all already travelling some distance to see.
Out of this meeting a small steering group was formed and plans made to launch the Club in September 2011.  A taster film shown in July 2011 at the Frome Festival helped start our recruitment drive and after a well thought out and intensive campaign we managed to sign up 189 members in just our first season.
Frome Film Club season runs from September to July on the second Wednesday of the month starting at 8.00 pm.
We are fortunate to have The Merlin Theatre as our home. The comfortable seats of the 240 capacity auditorium provide a warm, truly cinematic experience.
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Frome is a hugely creative town with a strong theatre, music, performance and literary presence. We have an excellent mainstream independent cinema which caters for a populist audience, but we saw a big gap for niche world cinema and quality independent film.
We want to put on a programme of intelligent, challenging and engaging films in a comfortable and accessible environment at an affordable price, so that's exactly what we do! 
The Merlin Theatre needs support from the local community to help ensure its future.  We were keen to get a vibrant film society up and running and to introduce new audiences to the theatre.

The club is dependent on establishing a core membership of at least 150 per year, which is why your membership and participation are invaluable.

The steering group became a structured committee after the end of the first season. Anyone is welcome to join at any stage as a volunteer, so just drop us a line via email or say “hello” to any of the committee members on the evening of a film.

Sally Somers and Katja Geitel - Film Selection:
Every film selected for the programme has been watched and vetted by Sally and Katja, who constantly trawl through reviews and festival brochures, travel to screening days, festivals and cinemas, watch preview dvds from useful friends in the business and stream anything else at home that they can't get to on the big screen, in order to pick out the best of the films of that year that they feel should have made it to a wider audience, but didn't.

Sonja Klingler - Treasurer
The money bit. Sorts out paying for films, technician and all the running costs of the club. Preparation of end of year figures to present at the AGM.

Nicola Green- Secretary, Newsletter
Nicola sends out regular email shots about forthcoming films, supper options etc. It's Nicola's calm and organised efforts that ensure the smooth running of the Frome Film Club.

Kate Robinson - Membership
Kate processes all new memberships.

After each film, members can vote from 1* to 5* by placing a kidney bean in the wooden collecting box, known as the “Bean-o-meter”. Members are also welcome to come and have a chat with committee members about what they thought of the film.
Your privacy is important to us and we follow strict procedures to process and store any information you provide, in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) in effect from 25th May 2018. Please click here to view our policy. Frome Film Club Privacy Policy
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